Dashboard for Hondata K-Pro & S300 ECUs

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Fuel level

In order to display the fuel level you must hook the fuel level sender of your car to one of the analog inputs of the K-Pro or s300.

Later on you will be able to read this analog input from Hondata and translate it to something human readable in HonDash.

This is necessary because from factory fuel level signal is not sent to the ECU, the signal is just sent directly to the stock car cluster.


Fuel tank Resistor value Cabin harness wire color Specs Voltage (V) at 0% Voltage (V) at 100%
Civic EG 56Ω 1 watt yellow/white Available 3,31 0,17
Civic EK 56Ω 1 watt yellow/black Available 3,29 0,29
S2000 56Ω 1 watt yellow/black Available 3,5 0,9
Integra DC5 56Ω 1 watt   Available 3,51 0,82
Accord CL9 56Ω 1 watt   Available 4,66 1,25
MR2 W20 56Ω 1 watt N/A Available 3,31 0,24
MR2 W30 56Ω 1 watt N/A Available 3,87 1,1
MX5 NA 56Ω 1 watt N/A Available 3,14 0,55

In K-series E5 pin is usually empty in the engine harness, to get a wire in there you need an old pigtail from other harness or you can buy them new on-line fairly cheap, the manufacturer is TE Connectivity and the reference is 316836-1.

Check E5 location here

In B-series the pin is D19.

Check D19 location here

K-manager/S-manager setup

Even though this step is not necessary for HonDash, is always good to setup the fuel level in K or S manager too, just for troubleshoot problems in this part it’s already worth it.

Go to Parameters -> Analog Inputs and fill the chosen analog port like this:

The values within the red square (Civic EG example) should be filled according the previous table (use comma as decimal separator).

Note that the order of the rows is important, first row should contain the 100% and second one 0%, check the previous picture in detail.

After reuploading the calibration, you should be able to see your current fuel level in the display window after adding this new parameter.

HonDash setup

Open your configuration

Go to your desired analog channel and select custom as formula and fill min and max voltage as described in the previous table (use dot as decimal separator) and min value as 0 and max value as 100.

Here is an example for Civic EG:

⚠ Warning

Hondata inputs are rate up to 5v max, double check this installation otherwise you will end damaging the K-Pro or S300 board and possibly the entire ECU.

A common practice for stock clusters in cars is to supply the fuel level unit with 12v from the actual cluster, so in order to run the fuel level in HonDash you will need to be completely sure that non other device is supplying power to the fuel level sender, check you car schematics, disconnect the fuel level sender from your original cluster plugs and use a multimeter to verify that the signal sent to K-Pro does not exceed 5v at all.

Your fuel tank not in the list?

Get your fuel level sender specs (resistance when empty & full) and calculate the voltage that the hondata should recieve:
and use the next formula for calculate the voltage:

for example, for a Civic EG with an empty tank and a 56 ohms inline resistor: